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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Author Brief Background

     I am not ashamed to say I am raised to a very poor family. Since birth I was longing for a better life that other people experienced. I want to live a life that never worries about what to eat in a couple of days, months, years or even in centuries. Unfortunately, no choice for me because I am a fruit of being a poor. My struggle didn't stop. 
     My goal was to finished my studies whatever happens, my parents told me that they can only send me to school up to Secondary but for college they cannot. I was very disappointed when I heard that words from them but I cannot blame them, that was the reality and I need to accept it. I continue thinking day by day what would be the best step I am going to do to reach my goal, to finished college. If I have a degree I can find a decent job that can sustain my needs and wants. I took alot of examinations so that I can got a full scholar in any known Universities and I wasn't disappointed because I passed an examination to a very popular Universities and spent nothing in every semester to pay my tuition fees, meaning I was a full scholar. I got monthly allowance from the school for my meals and school supplies. My parents was very lucky because no single dime comes from their pocket to pay all of my needs.
     I finished my first course within 3 years and got my Diploma in Metallurgucal Engineering Technology. 10 days after my graduation I got a good salary job. I spent more than 6 years of that company until I felt bored and made a voluntary resignation. All of my earnings I spent it not only for myself but to all my siblings and my parents. I used it for my siblings tuition fees and sustain my family daily needs. I engage in offline business after resignation and also I went back to school for another course. I was taking BS Entrepreneurship.   I continue schooling up to 3rd year until one incident suddenly comes my mom passed away. I decided to stop because I loss interest to finished my course. I concentrate my offline business for about a year. 
     Then, it came to my mind in one night that I need to go undergone a 2 months training in any field of specialization. One of my cousin suggested to be with them trained as Housekeepers, Waiter and any hotel related job. After we received our certificate I applied in one of the local hotel in our area. I worked as supervisor for more than a year and started to apply for working abroad. I was lucky and now I am here in Middle East.

Online History
     I started my journey when I resigned my previous job as Operation Supervisor in one of the known company in our locality. To prevent from being bored I used online job as a hobby to make some pennies online. At the beginning it was very hard to fine a legitimate site that can give me an extra income aside from being young Entrepreneur. 
     I joined several sites that it might be the key to earned online such as paid to clicks, paid to post, high yield investment programs (HYIP) and also blogging. I created different kind of blogs to promote my programs and so far I earned from it but not enough to pay all my monthly bills.
     I meet alot of online personalities that become my mentor in all my online journey. I learned alot of things about online opportunities. However, few of them continue giving me extra bucks every month for my savings. I do it only for my spare time. Instead of using my time to post and interact people on different socialize sites that never returned any single cents from their revenue, much better to spend it in a sites that will give you the returned of your effort in using their programs.

Note: I will give you more updates on my life journey, in all my offline and online opportunities.

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